This is a look at the original 1978 Cessna seat upholstery, cushions, and cushion supports.
The old seat upholstery, cushions, and cushion supports are now discarded. The seat frames have been cleaned and refinished with Jet-Flex Off-White color. New cushion supports are installed across the frames. All new cushioning is now fabricated from chemicals and cured in our proprietary mold to obtain a solid-core confor-foam cushion that is "keyed" to the frame of the 152. The result is a contoured seat as shown in the last mockup photo here.
All new upholstery is now sewn to fit the cushions using a very soft, supple leather in a matching off-white color. Custom embroidery is added featuring the Cessna logo in a color that matches the aircraft's exterior. The result is not only more contoured than original, but also has a more modern appearance.