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Major reconstruction of tnwings.com is now underway. This is a necessary site move which unfortunately takes me some time to do. I'm working on the content every day and will soon have the archieves back up along with (hopefully) some fresh content.
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Here I'll try to keep the latest changes to the site updated so we can all see it progress. Also, we'll see the current status of the web site.
11/17/2010 : Shop Projects Menu updated to reflect coming pages. 1967 C-150 project page rebuild complete.

: On line store now back up and running. Not all items are listed, but more can be added along the way.

11/21/2010 : Installation instructions pages are now live for the Cessna 150/152 Seats & Carpets. Protected directory requires username and password for entry.

11/24/2010 : Installation instructions page for Cessna 150 headliners now complete and uploaded to the install directory.

11/25/2010 : Main menu updated to reflect current projects and project archives.

12/04/2010: Added N5344S to project archives page.

12/05/2010: Added N9354W to project archives page.
Shelby Isham


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